Irama Indah has opened since 1979 as the first music school in Bali. Ever since it first opened, it has become an element that support the classic & contemporary music in Bali community. The building itself had already witnessed the growth of Denpasar city. When it was first built, the site was considered outskirt of Denpasar. But in 20 years it has become the main road and one of the busiest street in Bali. Having stand for 30 years, the building aged and had not meet the function that needed to serve more students and public community events that regularly held there. That's the background of the 2010 renovation which is the 2nd stage of renovation. The 1st renovation of the minihall-1st hall and 2nd floor classrooms was completed in 2009. Meanwhile, in 2010 the 2nd renovation focus more on the 3rd floor activation, making more classroom and public library. During the 2nd renovation, the first floor music shop hold another two additional function of small cafetaria and music studio. Irama Indah run by artist owners and musicians. It holds a lot of public events such as musical performance, short movie screenings & discussions, art & literature workshops for children & adults.