This is a private residential project owned by the architect and her husband. Construction commenced in early 2011 as the 2nd renovation. The first one as shown in some pictures was completed in 2007. At first it was a music shop warehouse on the 1st floor and a three storey timber house placed on the 2nd floor. Since the beginning this building is an urban house accommodating an urge to be close to nature life style with plenty of natural air and light. The complexity of this project is to create multifunction space, a mixture of music shop warehouse alongside with residential function such as kitchen, dining, garden and walkway gallery on the other side of the 1st floor. The 2nd and 3rd floor each holds en-suite (bed & bath connected with living room space) that can act as a living or creative working space. A tight space is definitely not an obstruction for the house owner to build green landscape amidst the city block. A grass garden placed on 3rd floor converting the roof of 2nd floor laundry space as an outdoor furniture unit. Another problem that usually occurs for urban shop house type buildings is the natural light and air ventilation. Responding this challenge, several skylights placed in north-south axis of the west side concrete roof that also covered the stairs void. Meanwhile, to keep the consistency of natural air flows, a dry-garden void was placed at the back side of the house. This dry-garden void works together with the stairs void as a visual, air and light important link of the house. The awareness of living in a dense city of Denpasar that situated in Bali Island that has soil water shortage trigger this idea to hold some part of rain water that fell through the roof and use it for daily activities including dish washing and shower. At the moment we still have a task to find out a better quality rain water usage process.